New Beginnings ….. Spoilt For Choice

So, they are 22 days old today.  They have moved from upstairs secreted away in our bedroom, down to the hustle and bustle of the dining end of the kitchen, so they can see and hear all the comings and goings of the house.  Dogs barking, postman knocking, pans clanging and banging and the super smells of Bernd’s cooking – that got their noses twitching!  Only 22 days old and already on their feet, eyes open and wolfing their little raw nuggets down.  Mum Missy has been really sensible, knowing just how much to be in with them and when they can be left for a few hours – unlike their human counterparts, they have no torn emotions – they always put themselves before the offspring.  Even if the babies are screaming, if it is dinner time for her, they do not get a second glance!  Clever dog, she knows she needs to feed herself first.  As a mother, I know I could learn a lot from her ……..  here she is 22 days after giving birth to 4 lovely puppies, a bit skinny but otherwise shiny, happy and rested.


Now the fun begins.  Watching them develop, making sure they all look well put toegther, with good coats, happy temperaments and above all, healthy.  They provide hours and hours of fun and interest.  Seeing them experience grass for the first time, watching them interact with 14 year old Matriarch Libby, seeing how rough their mum is as she plays and teaches them manners ….. it is fascinating and never becomes boring.  Already, dad Aldo is peeping over the wooden side of the whelping box for a closer look, until Missy spies him and chases him off.

For now, they sleep a lot, eat plenty, still suckle and just look squidgy and gorgeous.  They provide the subject matter for my felt art and that adds another dimension to owning them.

DAY22 1

DAY22 2

DAY22 3

DAY22 6

And here is daddy, Aldo, showing off his achievements!!


New Beginnings ….. Spoilt For Choice

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