Doll Making

Well ……………….. after lots of heavy duty sewing on trolley covers and leather leads…….. my hands needed a rest so I turned to my first love – doll making!   So –

Here she is.  “Jessie” in all her finery.  Jessie herself is made from heavy off white linen.  Her outfit is all shades of lilac and cream – matching underskirt in pale lilac, top skirt is soft, swirly cotton and her jacket and hat are deep purple cotton with the contrasts being made from the skirt fabric.  Her elegant scarf is from the same flowery, floaty material and her super soft shoes are faux suede.  Her facial details are hand embroidered and her hair is soft, crinkly baby wool.

Jessie stands a statuesque 75cms tall 

  doll back hat doll back stood doll front stood on chair doll sat on chair L1003225 L1003226

I thought it would be fun to take you through the steps of doll making so here is my current one in progress – I will add more pictures as I clothe her and give her hair and a face!

doll making 1 doll making 2 doll making 3 doll making 4

Doll Making

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